Monday, June 16, 2014

Day 1: Monday, June 17

Our group was smaller than anticipated this morning due to some flight issues, but those of us here were still able to do and see a lot of things. Breakfast was a unique treat for me. We had the options of a traditional Korean, "Healthy Korean," or an American breakfast. I chose the traditional Korean breakfast. I figured, why not give it a try, we will be here for 27 more days, if I like it, keep eating it. If not, then I will be able to try something new.

The picture above is what they served me. The top row of bowls is (L to R) anchovies, a type of radish kimchi, broccoli, and cabbage kimchi. The second row is a fish fillet and scrambled eggs. On the bottom left is a jeonbokjuk (a rice porridge with abolone), sticky rice, and a fish soup. 

Fish for breakfast is not normal for us, but it was not so bad. I did enjoy and eat most of the fish, rice, broccoli, and eggs. I have come to the conclusion that kimchi is not for me. I have always been told that it is like a sweeter version of sauerkraut, which I do not like either. 


Fun fact for you, abolone is actually a small sea animal. See more about it here. This was in the jeonbokjuk (image on the left above), or rice porridge. Jeonbokjuk was almost bland in flavor and thick in texture. I dipped my fish fillet in it to add flavor to it. 

I tried everything except the anchovies (image on right above), although Jeremy did, and he said it was not bad (said with the face of "I am not going to eat much more of it, though."). I am not a big fan of my food having eyes when I am supposed to eat it.  

I am proud that I tried everything (except the anchovies). And the best part you ask? I ate it all with the CHOPSTICKS!!!!!!! Fish soup is a new thing to me as well, all together a new thought for me. It was not bad, just different. 

Jeremy, Melanie and Abby were discussing what all we were experiencing. 

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