Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Korean High School From A Teacher's Perspective

Koreans Think Teachers Should Be Old

Korean Classroom Dynamics

Korean Cafeteria Food
Spicy Squid with Rice, Soup, Salad and Pickled Parsnips
I was very much looking forward to my first meal in a Korean high school cafeteria.  It's much the same as in the United States with industrial utensils, trays, serving stations, and tables/chairs.  But of course, the food is traditionally served with a metal spoon and chopsticks, with no cup or napkins.  I was excited to see what appeared to be many of the faculty and staff members eating together in the cafeteria during the students' recess.  Overall, the quality of the food was higher than some of what I have eaten here in Korea and we were even served ice cream for dessert!

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