Sunday, July 6, 2014

A Day in Everland

The Disney Parks system has a few different theme parks around the world. We all know Disney World and Disneyland. And then there's the ones in Europe and Japan. I never knew there was one in Korea. So maybe it's not quite a Disney is pretty close though.

Everland is a theme park just outside of Seoul that is very reminiscent of Disney World. There are five sections of the park: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zoo-Topia. Also, the two main characters bear a striking resemblance to a pair of well-known mice.
One of the first rides we went on was called Global Village. The ride featured a boat ride through various cultural exhibits. These were dolls that recreated traditional aspects of each country. Most of the expected ones were there. But there were also a couple that were not: Space and the North Pole.
T Express

The park also boasts two rollercoasters. The first one we decided on was the T Express. From a distance, it didn't seem that bad. The drop did look somewhat steep though. While in line, we found out it is actually the world's steepest drop on a wooden coaster. It certainly felt like it. T Express is the most intense rollercoaster I've ever been on.

Zoo-topia was a unique section by itself. Our group first went on a safari where we saw lions, bears, tigers, and hyenas. At one point, tigers had even climbed on top of a vehicle and a bear walked alongside the bus. There were also sections featuring animals such as monkeys a
Tigers climbed on top of the vehicles
nd polar bears.
After dark, the park featured a light parade. Characters and floats covered in lights traveled along a route through European Adventure. Accompanying them were various songs including Christmas at Saraevjo and an Everland theme song. The characters also all resembled other known characters. For instance, Hercules, Alice (in Wonderland), and the Little Mermaid were all there.

The best part of the park was that there were very few lines. We waited a maximum of a half hour for the safari. It wasn't until later in the day until the park started getting crowded. The park itself was also fairly well taken care of. However, it's visible that it's not quite at its peak. They seem to be trying to improve it and make it an even better attraction. I'm sure if they continue updating the park, it will become a leading site in Korea. It was already a wonderful place to spend the day.

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