Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cafeteria Lunch

I don't think I have eaten in the school's cafeteria since I was in elementary school. It is ironic that today I ate lunch in the lunch room of an elementary school, the first time in so many years!

The boys I sat at lunch with.
I have come to the conclusion that boys are boys, no matter the nationality! They spoke English amazingly well! I have never enjoyed a school lunch this much. The boys I sat with were as excited as I was. I know that the other American teachers with me enjoyed the experience just as much.

Today we went to Gwangju National University in the southern province. This university has a unique program that teaches Practical Arts for elementary education. Korea teaches agriculture, technical and home skills in the 5th and 6th grades.

They also have an elementary school that is a part of the university and is a part of their campus. The eight agriculture educators of our group were able to visit this elementary school. We met with the Assistant Principal, saw the school museum, ate lunch with the students, observed a classroom in action, visited their school garden (cared for by the students), and talked to a lot of their students.

School Garden

During their breaks, all students help care for the school garden. Each class has their own section, but all work for the good of the whole garden. The kids seemed to LOVE doing this project. They are responsible for the care of this garden; water, weed, plant, harvest, etc. Every student I saw in that garden (about 25+) had a smile on their face. They were learning the essentials of agriculture at such a young age and in their public school, no less.

2nd Grade Classroom

When we went into their 2nd grade classroom, the students were learning vocabulary and the proper way to use a folding fan. They were so well behaved and precise in the way they responded to the teacher. They truly respected their teacher as well.

We had a memorable time. 

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