Sunday, July 6, 2014

Should I stay or should I go??

Wow! Today is our 22nd day in Korea with only five days left! The time has flown by so fast! We have had so many great adventures here. I was just thinking today about all of the different things that we have done and they all feel like they just happened yesterday.

This month has literally been the best month of my life! I have experienced so many things that I would have never thought in a million years that I'd get to do. From the Seoul Tower and museums to the nights dancing in Itaewon, this trip has been absolutely amazing.  I have learned so much about the culture here and those impacts on their agricultural industry.

View of Seoul from Seoul Tower

After spending a month in Korea and visiting several schools, I have been contemplating the possibility of moving to Korea in the future to teach agriculture; or at least work within the agricultural industry. It is obviously a very big decision to make, so I do not have a clear answer as of now, but I really think it is a possibility. I have witnessed so many techniques in agriculture here that I would really love to learn and try! I love the fact that the agricultural teachers teach a specific specialization within their programs. I know that I would be great at teaching landscape design here and I would really like the challenge.

Korea has proven itself to be very hospitable and all of the Koreans I have met love Americans. The relationship that Koreans and Americans have, or at least from what I have experienced, have been truly like family. I cannot tell you how many times I have been stopped in the streets and offered help or have been asked to take a picture with someone.

Agriculture in South Korea - Rice Patties
The only thing that was a problem from me at the beginning of the trip was the food. So much of it is seafood and the stuff that is not seafood tastes like it (I hate seafood!). However, after spending only a few free days out on the town I have come to realize that there are so many places and choices to eat that do not taste like seafood!  Considering that food was the only thing holding me back, (and that's a big thing for me) this makes it even easier for me to choose to answer my question of staying or going!

Downtown Seoul

Overall, this trip has proven to be very inspirational and educational to me. I've learned so much about culture and how different, yet similar, another culture is to the US and I have really come to respect those differences. The agriculture here also has so many similarities and differences. Though everything here has been so great, the big question still remains: Should I stay or should I go? Is Korea worth the time? Worth the experience? Worth the education? I can honestly answer yes to all of these things, so the real question I should ask myself is "when?" I might as well while I am young! Experiences like this don't just happen and I really think I should take advantage of it...

These are just my thoughts for the past few days! Your comments and feedback would be appreciated.

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