Thursday, July 10, 2014

What was the food like in Korea?

As our departure from Korea quickly approaches, we will be posting thoughts and stories from #AgEd2Korea participants to reflect on the breadth, depth and diversity of our experiences here in Korea.  This blog showcases some of the answers to the question, "What was the food like in Korea?"

"Well, I love surprises, so I guess you can say I love Korean food. It wasn’t always clear what we were eating at meal time but I enjoyed it (for the most part…)! It also encouraged me to try new foods, whether it was intentional or not. "
– Janae 

"I liked that there were many side dishes that were shared as a group. I think it plays back into the cultural mindset of group collaberation. We all shared these dishes and it was just another way for us to emerge ourselves into their culture."
– Deanna

"It’s different. Good luck finding half of this stuff in restaurants back home. Now, I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m a meats and potatoes kind of guy, but, it was great to be in a place where the food was unique, just like the experiences. I remember how excited I got when I saw a street vendor selling silk worm larvae, or when I tried cold noodles for the first time."  – Howard

"I liked the bibimbop the best because there were many different combinations that you could choose from and it was a complete meal that filled you up. "
– Jason

"Variety and spicy is the Korean food cuisine. My favorite dish was the bulgoli because it was not spicy, but had a great flavor. I did enjoy eating more vegetables and fruit and less dairy products and carbs. I felt like I had more energy." - Jess

"I think what I liked best about Korean food was how we weren’t quite sure what we were going to be served at each meal…it was sort of a guessing game as to what dishes you would see on the table."
 - Sarah

"The number of dishes and side dishes that are served with any meal is perhaps the most enjoyable part of Korean food. Through the variety of entrees, soups, salads, and sides served, sometimes up to 30, I was able to try different combinations of flavors that enhanced the sensory experience through taste, texture, sight, and smell!" - David

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