Monday, February 24, 2014

Introductions: Rachel, 2015 PSU Student Teacher

Hey everyone I'm Rachel. I am a junior at Penn State and will be student teaching next spring. I am really excited for South Korea! 

I grew up on a dairy farm in western Pa and was involved in 4-H and FFA which sparked my love for agricultural education and that is why I am at Penn State today. When Dr. Foster announced the class to travel to South Korea I wasn't sure if I wanted to go, I decided that I would apply and if I didn't get in oh well but if I did, well, I wasn't to sure what I would do. During Thanksgiving break I checked my email and to my surprise I was super excited to see that I was accepted into the class. I told my mother and she said we would figure out how to get me there. I didn't want to tell my father because I knew he wouldn't want me to go overseas for so long. Eventually I told the rest of my family and got mixed reactions, most of them didn't want me to go and others have been really supportive of my decision to travel abroad for the first time ever! 

Getting my passport was another adventure for me...but aside from my photo it wasn't all that bad. This class has already provided me with so much and we haven't even gotten to the middle yet. The course text is unlike any other and is interesting, I also enjoy having control of what I want to learn about and the motivation to actually learn Korean because I am traveling there! Unlike Spanish which I am in this semester...I really don't like Spanish...

I'm not sure where all my experiences will go or how much this class will allow me to grow, I know that I made the right choice and I can not wait to take a step out of boring PA and into a new world!

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