Thursday, February 20, 2014

Self Introduction: Stacia, 2016 PSU Student Teacher

Hey Everyone!

I'm so excited to get to know everyone over the next few weeks of class. I'm very thankful to have the opportunity to be a part of this class and go on such an amazing trip!

My name is Stacia and I just started my masters program here at Penn State in Agricultural and Extension Education this semester. I was lucky enough to graduate a semester early from Delaware Valley College with a major in Livestock Science and Management (animals are my passion!) and was - and still am - excited about continuing my education at Penn State. I have only been here a few short weeks, but it has been great and I can't wait to student teach in Spring 2016!

I come from a family of 5 with my wonderful parents and 2 younger sisters, I was born and raised in PA. My parents believe learning about other cultures (even briefly) is very important so I am fortunate enough to say I have been out of the country, but it has only been for short cruises. I have only gotten a 'taste' of other cultures from these short visits so I look forward to taking advantage of a whole month in South Korea to better understand their similarities and differences from my own in general culture as well as agriculture.

It is very exciting for me to be able to learn more about their agriculture programs over there since I am not familiar with any other than the U.S. Having to be in such a different country from ours in many ways will be exciting for me and I cannot wait to see how they do things!

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  1. So cool that you're headed to South Korea! Put up lots of photos.