Monday, March 3, 2014

Introduction: David, Midd-West Agriscience Teacher

TeachAg Day Cheesecake Party, 2013
When I was sitting in my ninth grade agricultural education class I thought, "This is awesome, I am going to be an ag teacher!"  I am now in my seventh year teaching agricultural science, currently at Midd-West High School in Central Pennsylvania.

When I was sitting in on a international guest lecture at Penn State and I thought, "This is awesome, I am going to study abroad."  Two months later, I left for a year to study and work in Moscow, Russia. I have traveled outside of North America five times since.

St. Basil's Cathedral, 2005
So, when I read of the opportunity for a global school-based agricultural education experience, there was little thinking involved, just the reaction of, "This is awesome, I am going to South Korea!"

The passions that I am confident many of us share for agriculture, education, and culture are what guide every decision I make, including my decision to participate in this global experience.  These passions are ingrained so deeply within me that I rarely think twice about decisions I make and as a result I never stop learning.

This experience is important to me because it presents yet another opportunity to learn.  I am excited to participate in the language, the food, the education, the agriculture, the music, the ambiance, and the culture of South Korea.  Immersion is simply the best way to learn and I cannot think of a better way to continue learning for the benefit of my students.

The hard work will pay off in 2014!
I am thrilled to have been chosen to participate in this incredible experience and I am excited to learn and grow along with each of you throughout the next few months.  Thank you for making the big decision to experience South Korea; whether your are making the trip with us or you are following along at home via this blog, you will not regret it!

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