Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Passions of Life

I love to read; I have since I was very little. This quote resonates with me on more than one level. There is so much to the world that we do not know of. Many don't even have the desire to want to read past the page they are on.

Both of my parents are Agricultural Educators. Growing up, my two older sisters and I said we would NEVER be a teacher (now two of us are ag teachers). We saw what all our parents went through and the challenges they faced on a regular basis. As I was completing my senior year at The Ohio State University, I was faced with the same questions every graduating senior asks themselves, "What am I going to do with my life?!" As I started to evaluate my passions and desires of life. And would you believe, my two greatest passions are agriculture and education? It was pretty much instilled in my since birth (Momma and Daddy started teaching in 81-82 and I was born in 88). I truly enjoy teaching and the kids are great!

However, there are some things that this small town can not provide me. Travel. I get antsy and want to just GO! Now, if someone could combine my love to travel with my two passions, I would be the first one in line! So here I am!!

I grew up in Central Florida raising cattle. This picture is of my niece and I in the cow pens at our family's farm in Bushnell, FL. I am lucky enough to be able to live on this farm now and have cows in my back yard. I now work in Dade City, which is about 20 minutes south of my house. I love the drive because it gives me the time to gear up or wind down from the day. You would be amazed how much planning can go on in 20 uninterrupted minutes. I am in a two-teacher department with about 70 members. I am proud of the community and the kids here because of the rich agricultural history they represent. 

I am looking forward to this trip. I get butterflies just thinking about it now, I think I am in love.... I can't wait to get to know all of you more as we all partake in this adventure of a lifetime!

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