Monday, March 31, 2014

Jeremy: Preparing for South Korea...

So far I am learning so much about Korea, but I feel that I do not have enough time to process everything. When I read, I find out so many things that I did not know before that are absolutely amazing and very interesting. I come up with tons of questions that I'd like to research and find answers to, but time only permits so much.
Jeong-dong-jin Beach - South Korea
As far as preparing for my trip, aside from my readings, I have spoken with one of the foreign exchange students from my school who is from South Korea. He has taught me a few things in the Korean language like "An-nyeoung Ha sae Yo," which is how you'd say hello to an elder, whereas "An-nyeoung" is what you'd say to the younger generation or that of your own age.

He has also told me that birthdays are different in South Korea. On January 1st, everyone turns a year older. There is no such thing as a birth "date" really. If you are born on December 31st, the next day you will turn one. Likewise, if you're born on January 1st, you are already one. I found this to be really interesting! He has told me we need to visit Jeong-dong-jin Beach...pictured below. Supposedly one of the best beaches in South Korea!

I decided to study Marriage in Korea as my DIY project for a variety of reasons, but mainly because I was interested in the society's view on marriage equality. This topic has actually been pretty fun! I have got to learn about many of the customs and traditions that Koreans partake in before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. The project also gave me a better understanding of men and women's roles in the Korean society. I found that marriage equality is moving forward in Korea; slowly, but surely. 

I have yet to really have time to study the Korean language, aside from an app that I have on my phone. Teaching has kept me extremely busy lately and I am trying to finish my first year with success and organization! I hope to get to study the language more once things start to slow down around here and we finish our state standardized test.  I am still, so far, a big fan of the food and have found it to be quite amazing! I'm looking forward to that in Korea. My Korean student has already given me a list of foods I must try when I visit the country, including Ja jang myun.

Ja jang myun

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