Monday, April 28, 2014

Chris: Korean Agriculture Education Experience...What will it bring?

The number of days get smaller and we get ever so close to this new experience of Korean Agriculture Education, a study abroad.  So what will this new experience bring?  Well, so far during the first seven class sessions it has brought together a group of like minded people who are passionate about agriculture and agriculture education.

What will we experience and see?  The readings and lecturers leads me to know that a beautiful country and its people await me.  The vastly different agriculture production practices and the people who use them intrigue me.  We will surely encounter professionals and students alike who are as passionate as we about the study of and acquisition of agricultural knowledge and its advancement.  Still I have many questions such as "What part does the FFK play in the student's education?  Is it a three ring model that I am so used to using?  Are there various projects/experiential learning/SAE that take place?  What about funding and finally placement of the student teacher?"
These questions are of course the basis for my DIY project in which I will inquire on such topics that I find extremely important for the fulfillment of agriculture education as I understand it and look for those similarities and differences as it pertains to the educational experience of the Korean/US student.  I hope to find/experience ideas that will surely enhance my profession and make me a better teacher.

There still sits a little apprehension but yet excitement about traveling half way around the world.  Preparations will continue as it always does when I take on any project.  So many questions and the answers await in Korea.   

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