Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Introduction: Daniel, Assistant Professor at Penn State University

Hello all,

My name is Daniel Foster and I am an agricultural teacher educator at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to Penn State, I received my graduate degrees at The Ohio State University and taught secondary agriculture in Willcox, Arizona.

A passion of mine is the development of global learning opportunities for students and teachers, specifically ones that develop global competency in school-based agricultural educators. Agriculture is without a doubt a global industry and for our agricultural education teachers to be the positive agents of change I know they can be, they must have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions to thrive in global environments, or Global Competency.

As we talk about truly being catalysts for positive change, we have to ask: WHO is going to do the Job? Who is going to embrace the role of being the torch bearer? I wanted my introduction to include  a quote from one of my favorite poems:  "Everybody, Anybody and Somebody always assumed that Someone Else woudl make up the difference." Let's make sure we are the ones to finish the job.

The entire poem can be retrieved from: 

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