Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Prepare for Korea: Howard

Since beginning our Korea Class, I have been slowly getting myself ready for the adventure that lies ahead.  While I am not yet completely prepared for our trip, I have taken a few steps that I believe could help anyone prepare for their adventure.

Step 1. Learning Korea:

Let me start by saying that I realize the phrase "Learning Korea" is not grammatically correct, but, it describes what I'm doing. Whether it's learning about the basic culture of Korea or learning where the best foodie spots are, trying to understand some of the background aspects of Korea has been pretty center for my preparations. You'll find that for almost any place you visit, having a little background can be pretty helpful. As most folks know, a good way to find any information needed is through...... the internet. While it's important to take all information you find with a grain of salt, a lot of useful information and videos can be found at the click of a button. Here is an awesome video of the Seoul Zoo in Gwacheon City.

Step 2. Collecting Supplies:

Part of any good adventure is making sure you are properly equipped. This adventure is no different. For this trip, I've been collecting items that will not only help myself look and feel more professional, but will also help improve the appearance of our group. One must always be on their A-game when visiting unfamiliar territory. A nice pair of Khakis and dress shirts are a good start. Also, a decent pair of walking shoes, because believe me, I plan to do some touring while I'm there, and besides, I've got to be able to hike all that mountainous terrain.

Step 3. Become Familiar with the People

This has been my latest task. I believe that if I can become more acquainted with the way people live in Korea, that will help me communicate with the people of Korea. This will be one of my tasks that I continue, even after we arrive.

Korea Here We Come!!!!!

As I continue my research I get more and more excited for the upcoming adventure that lies ahead. Until next time, enjoy the scenery!!!!

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