Monday, May 5, 2014

Making Progress: Cassidy

We’re on the downswing of the countdown to going to Korea! I’m super excited about the trip in general. However, the reality of it hasn’t quite hit me yet. It doesn’t seem as close as it is and the whole trip in general seems far away. We have been preparing in class for the trip, but also outside of class by ourselves.
The class session that was most helpful was when we had the opportunity to "speed date" with Penn State students from Korea. We had the opportunity to basically ask anything we wanted. Since our guest were actually from Korea, they could give us very helpful information.  They also gave us additional insight on topics I would not have even thought to ask. 

Our group during the Speed Dating Session
I have found the reading to be the best source of information about what to expect. They go over essential concepts about the culture and history that will be impacting us every day that we are there. Since it’s so in depth, I feel like I am definitely learning a lot. Because of this, that has been my favorite way to prepare outside of class.

A lot of people have also been asking me about what my plans are for the summer. Korea is always brought up in these conversations. I’ve found it interesting how many people I have come across that have been to Korea. Each time I have found out someone has been to Korea, I’ve asked them questions and for advice. This has proved really interesting since you end up learning things that you may not have any other way. Plus, it’s always fun to hear about all of the interesting experiences someone else has been having.
For my independent project, I have decided to read Korean books in order to gain a more thorough understanding of the culture. My first one is Please Look After Mom. I chose this one because it was written by a Korean author and then translated into English. This will be more of an authentic experience to hear about. I can learn about the social and cultural experiences the characters run into and use them to better understand what happens on the trip. Also, by reading books, you can pick out themes and concepts that are important to that culture.

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