Saturday, June 28, 2014

Visiting the Seoul Zoo!

The Seoul Zoo opened its doors in 1984
Today I had the awesome privilege of visiting the Seoul Zoo and it was absolutely extraordinary! The Seoul Zoo was unlike any other zoo that I had visited before. Seoul Zoo is surrounded by beautiful breathtaking mountainous views and is spread out amongst many acres of trails and views of animals, gardens and waterfronts. The zoo houses over 3400 hundred animals from all over the world, including many endangered animals. I must say that out of the many zoos that I have visited throughout my lifetime, this has been my most favorite.

Asiatic Crocodile
When we first arrived at the Seoul Zoo today we quickly realized that the place was huge. Not only does Seoul Zoo provide a wonderful habitat for animals, but it is also home to a huge botanical garden, a theme park and a water park. Thankfully, the water and theme park were separated to keep the zoo and botanical gardens reserved. The zoo is spread out in a way that you basically have to hike the mountain to see the different zoo exhibits.

The zoo consisted of  four main trails that each took about two hours to complete. Each trail had its own set of animals and gardens. Unfortunately, we did not get to do all of the trails due to time restraints, but the cost of the zoo was only $3, so it would not cost much to go back to finish the trails.

Another great thing that the zoo had was a sky lift. The sky lift was very useful to us, especially whenever we got all the way to the back off the park. We took the sky lift down the mountain and got to see more animals that we did not get to see off of the trail that we took. The sky lift also provided us  with a 360 degree view of beautiful mountain ranges and waterfronts.

Sky lift at the Seoul Zoo

Overall, our experience at the Seoul Zoo was awesome! The amount of wildlife and land there make the trip definitely worth taking! I honestly did not know what to expect, but I'm really glad I went because I realized immediately upon my arrival that this place was much more than a zoo, but a place full of educational opportunities and great pictures!

David, Kelli, and myself at the Seoul Zoo

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