Sunday, June 29, 2014

What is a Weed?

"A plant whose virtues have not been discovered" is how it is defined by famous a quote written by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Today we had the chance to tour and view first hand a massive horticultural collection of plants and hardscapes at the Suncheon Bay Gardens.    After arriving to Suncheon by train we were able to check into our beautiful hotel.  From there we were taken by bus to the Suncheon Bay Gardens with over 270 acres of breathtaking gardens and views. There we were given a tour of the garden and its features. Here we were able to travel to many countries looking at gardens designed around themes and flowers used in those areas.   In all there were eleven country gardens from the United States, Thailand, Britain to Japan and Spain.

As an agriscience teacher I got the opportunity to take many photos to show my students the landscape designs of other countries.  It was a great opportunity to for me to be in one place and get a data bank of photos to share and see first hand how the layout is working;  meshing the different styles into one magnificent garden.   It also also a chance to see the sustainability of the the area.

The garden is working as a sanctuary for wild birds, educational resource for the visitors and even a food source.  During the tour we went into a building called the "plant factory".  Here they were growing food, using mainly hydroponics and light to grow food approximately 20 feet high to the ceiling.  They were selling the produce from the plant factory at the garden.   It was awesome!

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