Thursday, August 7, 2014

Impact: XM Radio Broadcast!

Prior to leaving for our amazing adventure to Korea, I was contacted by a member of the National Association of Farm Broadcasters about doing an interview for their RFD-TV Radio show on FFA Today!  I was super excited to talk with her about not only what was going on in the ag program that I teach in, but also to discuss the things we learned in Korea.  I mentioned this to her, since initially, she wanted to interview me during the time frame in which I would be gone, but she was fortunately very flexible with the interview times and gladly offered to interview me upon my return to the U.S.  Turns out, that she had already heard of the trip!  Very cool.

I was asked a few questions including the following:

1. How long have you been involved with FFA and why did you become an FFA Advisor?
2. Your chapter now raises vegetables for the school cafeteria and the local food pantry.  Tell us about this and how it has impacted your students.
3. You also traveled to South Korea in July to work with the Future Farmers of Korea.  What did you do on this trip?
4.  So why do you think FFA is an important and relevant organization for students today to be a part of?

If you'd like to listen to the interview, check it out here! It originally aired on Saturday, July 26th, and Sunday, July 27th.

I feel like I tried to cram a lot of information into each answer, so perhaps some of the responses came off a bit rambling, but I really enjoyed the opportunity to reach more people with the message of FFA and #AgEd2Korea!

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