Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Jeremy: Presentation on Agriculture in Korea for Orange County Agricultural Educators

On July 31st, I gave a presentation about my trip to South Korea and the agricultural opportunities that I got to participate in while visiting the country. My audience was all of the agricultural educators of Orange County Florida. I used a photo presentation, rather than words on a screen. While in Korea I took over 1000 photos; what better way to show them off then by using them in a presentation.

Food in South Korea

During my presentation I explained the story behind each photo that I had taken. The look on the audiences faces were priceless, especially whenever it came to pictures of the food that we got to experience. They found it very interesting the way South Korea's educational system differed from ours; specifically agricultural education.

Botanical Garden in South Korea

We discussed many differences in similarities between that of the US and South Korea whenever it came to agriculture and education. We also were able to discuss ways that we can incorporate global agriculture into our classrooms. Overall, I believe that the presentation was a big hit and that the educators enjoyed being able to learn from my experiences in South Korea. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to share my pictures and experiences with a great group of educators!

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